Drake Celebrates the Raptors’ Championship With a Two-song Pack

Toronto artist and worldwide legend, Drake, has dropped The Best In The World Pack in order to celebrate the 2019 NBA Finals Championship by the Toronto Raptors.

As many may know, Drizzy is actually a global ambassador for the Raptors and is a staple of the team. Whenever it comes to big-time games or the playoffs he can be spotted courtside, between the bench and midcourt, bringing a high level of passionate energy.

The first song on the two-song pack is “Omertà,” which simply stands for “a code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to authorities.” it stands as a one-verse, 3:31 song that allows Drake to end his almost year-long silence with a swaggy flow.

Last year, niggas really feel like they rode on me
Last year, niggas got hot ’cause they told on me

Most notably, shots were taken at Pusha T, who released “The Story of Adidon” last spring and started the unraveling of Drake’s secret child. The feud also included Drizzy’s “I’m Upset” and the official announcement of his child on “March 14.”

There is simply no better Drake than one that flaunts his stuff without forcing it, and that is what “Omertà” does.

The pack continues with “Money In The Grave,” which features the like of Rick Ross, a frequent collaborator of Drake’s.

Despite the excellent flow, lyrics and just energy brought by the two artists, the most important part of this song is the beat itself. Brought to listeners’ ears by female-producer Lil CC, otherwise known as Cydney Christine, an American model, and producer.

The beat is a hard-hitting west coast flow, which could be a nod to the fact that the Raptors took down the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Both artists are able to speak their minds on this bouncing beat, allowing the bass to be a point-maker and subtle guide throughout the track.

Ultimately, Drake and Ross acknowledge their positions as titans in the music industry, and that everyone wants a piece of them. It is becoming increasingly obvious that they can’t spend all the money they earn because of its abundance, so the only way they can know people are not mooching off of them posthumously is to take the money with them.

Drake made sure to mention that more packs were on the way, and there really is not a bad Drizzy song out there. Everything has a mood, and the ones that you may skip are not bad, but were probably so well-done you overplayed them. These two tracks get added to that list without a doubt.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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