Maryland rapper Silas drops his second single, “These Days,” a collaboration with Logic

Following his solo effort “Def 2 Ego,” Maryland rapper Silas teamed up with fellow Maryland native and BobbyBoy Records owner, Logic, to catch a vibe on “These Days.”

“‘I want to do a very singy song,'” Silas told TuneDiary about his thought process with this track. “When it comes to trap songs and stuff like that, it’s always about the hook for me. I want to make something that people are going to repeat. Like, literally, I want it stuck in their heads.”

The hook on this track certainly does its job, as the laid back singing flow is reminiscent of early Drake tracks where he messed around with singing as well as rapping.

These days all I got is money on my mind
Late night walkin’ down the street, it’s never fine
When we hit the stu’, they say, “Your boy one of a kind”
Maskin’ my emotions, baby girl, say what you find

Production on the track is handled by Presto, Vontae Thomas as well as Prod by Post, a lifelong friend of Silas. The track was originally supposed to be another solo venture for Silas, but he sent it over to Logic for an opinion and he immediately wanted on the beat.

Both artists use this track as a way to express the ability to live a lavish lifestyle, although the track isn’t meant to be taken seriously. It simply exists as a way for a mentor and mentee to bounce off of each other in the same space and have a good time.

Logic’s verse utilizes a trap flow, similar to what his fans hearn on Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, as he raps about the affluence he has developed in recent years. The verse takes a turn when Logic starts talking about his mentee, Silas, in such a positive light, going as far as to say that he is passing the torch on to him. (And don’t think that I won’t point out the sly University of Maryland reference as well)

Silas from the ‘Burg, from the home of the Terrapins (Woo!)
Boy blowin’ up like a terrorist (Goddamn!)

Bobby Boy slow it down, rappin’ too fast for us, I’ma keep goin’
I’m knowin, I’m passin’ the torch to the boy, now go in!

Silas specifically remembered the moment this dream collaboration felt real: “I was doing a shift at Wingstop (The same location Logic worked at during his come up), at the time I was an assistant manager or shift leader. I had to ask the main manager like ‘I think this is it… Can I take a little five-minute break?’ So I went out to the car, plugged in the aux cable and listened to it. I just remember crying my eyes out, with so much joy though. … I felt the magnitude of that song while I was sitting in the car listening to it.”

That magnitude has certainly been felt as the track nearly reached 200,000 plays within 24 hours and has brought so much attention, both positive and negative, to Silas despite still being a new face in the game.

Silas signed with BobbyBoy Record in late June of 2019 and released his first single, “Def 2 Ego,” the next day. “‘Def 2 Ego’ was crazy,” Silas said, recalling that first release as a signed artist. “I’ve never seen that many people thoroughly enjoy the music and it was the first time I ever dealt with massive amounts of hate too.”

That outcome was only amplified by bringing Logic onto “These Days,” which has led to the deletion of Reddit and the disabling of social media notifications on Silas’s phone. He has adjusted to the change in pace and attention from both angles though and is set to keep pushing forward.

“People can expect a lot more music,” Silas said when discussing what’s coming up next. “I have so much stuff in the chamber, ready to let loose on people, I’m so excited. It’s going to be such a good time. …This one is for the RATTPACK. We’re here for good.”

Be sure to keep an eye out for the continued rollout of music from Silas before dropping his first project as a member of BobbyBoy Records. If you want to experience more to hold you over, feel free to check out his other released tracks:

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